How to poach your eggs!

Poaching eggs can be a little tricky, especially if you want them to stay together and not just turn into a big mess. Luckily Todd Coleman from SAVEUR Magazine is here to show us his fool-proof technique! So watch this video, grab a couple of eggs, and start poaching like a pro!

Make your own snow crystals!

Snowflakes may not be a functional thing, but they are definitely beautiful. But instead of trying to catch them out in the wild, why not grow them yourself? In this video from SciFri, Ken Libbrecht, Caltech physicist and author of “The Secret Life of a Snowflake” tells us exactly how you can do this for only a couple of bucks! Now that’s some cool science! (Pun intended)

14 great photography tricks!

Okay, you are done. You have worked your butt off for several weeks, maybe even months, but your project is finally complete, and it is AWESOME! You wish to show it to the world and what better way than to take pictures or record a video about it? But why not add some really cool camera tricks to the view, some eye candy if you will? You can make gorgeous looking pictures/videos with very simple tools and materials. COOPH has made these extremely awesome tutorials that can help anyone to make super cool recording effects! And if the only camera you have is in a mobile phone, you can still make some great pictures, as demonstrated in their video below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make some eye candy. Your viewers will enjoy your project even more!

What is “Cold oil spherification”?

Spherification is the absolute forefront of modern cuisine presentation, and it can be made in a multitude of ways. One of these ways is “Cold oil spherification” which this video from Molecular Gastronomy cover. If you want to wow the guests at your next dinner, you should definitely watch this!

The simplest bread in the world!

In today’s society, where we are spoiled with things like pre-sliced bread, it’s easy to forget how bread was made in the really old times. A thousand years back, people still ate bread, but it was nothing like our modern kind. It was made from only wheat and water, and cooked on a hot rock. But it still tasted pretty darn good! If you want to know what our distant ancestors made and tasted, then you should really watch this video from Food Wishes. In this tutorial you will learn how to make the most basic of bread, made of only wheat and water! Ooh yeah, he also add some corn meal to it, but that isn’t necessary….