Painting with colored sand

This is a very nice “Think outside the box” video from smilepharaoh that should inspire anyone interested in art and design. In almost every art/design project, some sort of paint is used that binds permanently to a surface. But there is other ways! In this clip, colored sand is used to fill a bottle so as to make a beautiful piece of art. While the artist in this video is obviously an expert, the basic materials and techniques are cheap and easy enough for anyone to start experimenting with. Ready made colored sand might be tricky to find, but you should be able to make your own by using ordinary beach sand and mix it with food coloring, spread it out on a piece of paper and let it dry. We have not tried this, but in theory it should work. If you try this, please let us know how it works out!

How to read electronic schematics 101

Electronic schematics can be a bit intimidating for a beginner, but it is not that hard. It´s like learning a new language, as long as you know the terms and symbols used, it will not seem as weird anymore. So, where do you start? Well why not start by watching this basic tutorial from RimstarOrg about the symbols associated with common electronic parts in a schematic? We promise that electronic schematics will not seems quite as intimidating afterwards.

The simplest bot in the world!

This is one of our favorite “Think outside the box” inventions! Who could dream that a toothbrush could be used as a propulsion device? Well the family behind the Evil Mad Scientist did! All you need is a toothbrush with slanted bristles, a button cell, foam tape and a vibrator motor from a pager och mobile phone. Add some tiny wires and some solder and you have the worlds simplest bot! What we find most fascinating about this bot is not that it moves around, but that it actually jumps at a forward angle. But since the jumps are so small and quick, your eye doesn’t see it.

This invention was so brilliant that even The Royal Society took notice and started their own investigation of this type of propulsion. You can find their scientific videos here. So if you were ever intimidated by the complexity of robotics, you should definitely watch this video and realize that is doesn’t need to be that hard. Just think, what cool new stuff could you make with this technique?

Advanced character costumes

Norm from interviews Frank Ippolito about his finally finished Zoidberg ( character from the cartoon series “Futurama”). In this video Frank takes us through the process of making a highly advanced full body costume with lifelike mask, hands, feet and animatronics. The project has taken him many months, which really shows in the excellent result. While this project is too advanced for beginners, it is still very interesting to see all the processes, materials, parts, painting and more that goes in to creating an advance special effects costume like this.

If you want to see how the mask was painted, please watch Airbrushing 101.