Interesting mortise technique without glue

This is an extremely interesting way of joining two wooden beams together without glue. It uses mortises and a locking piece of wood. This makes the joint extremely strong and reliable, but at the same time allows for quick and easy disassembly if needed.

How to make a two-part silicone mould

Whenever you have made a really great thing, the idea of duplicating it comes automatically to mind. But the first one of anything takes a lot of time to make and you probably don’t want to make that effort for every following copy. So it makes sense to make a mould of it to make the copying easier. But if the shape of the object doesn’t allow for a one part mould, you need to make the mould in different parts. In this video from Tested, Frank Ippolito shows us just how easy it is to make a two-part silicone mould when you know how to do it. Do you want to know how to do it? Then just watch this brilliant video!



Hand powered chainsaw?

This is a short but sweet tip from CrazyRussianHacker. When you are out in the field, you can’t always trust powered tools. Lets face it, the most reliable tools are the ones you power with your own hands, like a hammer for instance. Also, motorized tools tends to be heavy, take up a lot of space and needs a lot of maintenance. So if you could have a hand saw that fits in your pocket, but still cuts wood just as fast as any big saw, wouldn’t you like to have that in your toolbox, trunk or purse? Well the pocket chainsaw is just such a tool, and if you ever do DIY outside your house, you should definitely watch this video!

The best way of using a chisel

Some common hand tools can seem so simple to use, but with the right technique, they can become a masters first choice. Chisels are very simple at first look and most of us thinks “Everyone knows how to use a chisel!”. But there are some simple tricks that even you might not have heard about, that can make your work simpler, quicker, and result in an extraordinary professional look! These are the kinds of tricks and techniques that FineWoodworking are aware of and in this clip you can take part of these gold nuggets of knowledge!