How a lathe works and the difference between analogue dials and digital readouts

Deep inside his “man cave” Adam Savage demonstrates to Will from one of his favorite machines, and old manual metal lathe. We get to see a quick and basic explanation of what a lathe does, why safety around it is paramount and last but not least, how Adam upgraded the old analogue dials and scales to a more modern digital readout.

Adam Savage on the value of organization

We’ve all been there, you know you have that vital part somewhere, but can’t find it. Annoying isn’t it? To save yourself time and avoid frustration, you should really consider investing in some type of sorting system. In this video, Adam Savage from Mythbusters demonstrates his huge system of sorting boxes and drill dispensers to Will from These boxes are quite expensive, but extremely practical and durable, as Adam testifies.

The theory of making dovetail joints

The art of dovetail joint making is quite tricky, as we can see in this video when Adam Savage from Mythbusters tries to learn this particular craft while teaching it to  Will from Even though he doesn’t end up with a perfect joint, he talks about all the theories and techniques he has found in his research. Since he is planning to eventually build a sea chest with “Like ten dovetails on each side, it’s like….mind-blowing”, Crafters University wish him the best of luck in perfecting his dovetail joint crafting skills.

How to weather surfaces like a pro

Sometimes an old scuffed up object can be just as pretty or even more so then when it was brand new. But who wants to wait several decades to get the surface to be naturally weathered? In this tutorial, Adam Savage from Mythbusters shows us and Will from some of the techniques he uses to weather things, like this microscope case he has built. By using water, paint, sandpaper, mallets, bicycle chains and much more, he slowly tear down the surface of his case and ends up with a beautifully weathered look.

MIG welding and the benefits of square steel tubing

If you build structures of any kind, sooner or later, you will need to do some welding. While visiting Mythbusters workshop “M5”, Will from interviewed Jamie Hyneman on the subject of Welding and steel tubing. Jamie talks about how he made the giant shelves in the Mythbusters workshop, and explains how stick welding and MIG welding work. If you ever thought welding seemed too hard for you, then you should definitely watch this video, Jamie will convince you that MIG welding is as easy as using a hot glue gun!