Set the comments free!

CommentsYou know how it is, you see something on a site, and want to write a comment, but the site demands that you become a member first, and there’s a whole registration process with input fields, and avatar uploads and so on, and you finally go “Eh, I’m not THAT eager to voice my though!”. Sucks doesn’t it? Well, we feel that it should be easy to make yourself heard, which is why we have removed our previous membership demand for commentators. Now, if you want to say something, all you need to do is enter the Captcha code, and your off! If you which, you can also write your name and email address. So what are you waiting for, go on, let everybody know how you feel!

DIY Days Gothenburg

In January 18th – 19th, 2014, Crafters University participated in a very friendly and cozy event called DIY Days Gothenburg. It was one of the smaller events out there, but that was perfect for Crafters University’s first time on the showroom floor. The visitors where very friendly as well, and very interested in our site. We also had some mini projects for people to fold, and a Microgolf course.  Here’s a few photos from the event:


A youngster visiting our booth, checking out our printed sheets of paper for the “Boomerang paper airplane” and geeky “Pocketprotector” mini projects.


Another youngster, throwing around his very own “Boomerang paper airplane” that he folded by himself.


We also brought a fun little game called “Microgolf”! It’s like mini golf, but much smaller and uses a ball bearing as a golf ball. It was very popular at this event.


How to make a lifecast of someone

In this tutorial, special effects artist Frank Ippolito shows Will and Norm from how to make a lifecast out of someone. Whenever a special effects artist needs to change the face of someone, and don’t want to use computer graphics, rubber masks are usually the only alternative left. If the change is small, you might be able to build up directly on the skin, but for more elaborate projects, a casting mould of the actor or person is essential. From this mould you can then a lot of cool masks, perfectly fit for the persons facial shapes. This video shows us how to make just such a mould.

Make your own Blue Man Group pipe organ!

Above movie shows Snubby J playing his PVC pipe organ at the “DRS Talent Show”. In the movie below he talks a little about how he made it and the paddles.

This was a difficult choice. Technically these videos does concern crafting, but on the other hand, the instructions is not enough for you to make one your self. Luckily, Snubby J added some links to a great tutorial and a chart of pipe lengths, so we decided in the end to post it here. When it comes down to it, we just loved his performance so much, we found it impossible to leave it alone!

Making Pancakes 101

DaveHax has done it again and created an excellent video for us who are beginners in the kitchen. This tutorial is perfect for anyone who has never or rarely made pancakes. It’s easy to understand and how about the last one with chocolate spread on it and ice cream on the side? Yummy! We also get to see the technique of flipping a pancake in the air! So head to the kitchen and practice some impressive pancake acrobatics!