Why the maker community should use smart materials

In this fascinating talk at TED, Catarina Mota from Open materials demonstrates the incredible properties of smart materials, and explains how important it is that all of us in the maker community get access to them, experiment and test them so new uses for them can be found. Many of these materials are kept away from private citizens and others are not available in quantities that a normal person could afford to buy. That is why it is so important that we all show an interest in these smart materials, so the industry will let it free on the market, and they start to pop up in regular stores.

Handy drill press trick

This is a very short but valuable tip from John Heisz on how to use your drill press when the piece you want to drill is too long to fit. It is fascinating how some situations can be solved with the simplest tools and parts. Enjoy!


The versatility of decorative tape

While this video from TheSorryGirls isn’t a tutorial video strictly speaking, it still demonstrates the versatility of decorative tapes. In this video, the focus is on the japanese “Washi” tapes, but there are many other decorative tapes around, and they are truly the decorators best friend. It comes in so many colors and patterns, and can spruce up almost any object. And it doesn’t hurt that this (music) video by Danny Hamilton is very funny as well! This is strongly recommended viewing for all crafters!

Making your own peanutbutter

Alton Brown likes peanut Butter….a lot! In fact he loves it so much that he couldn’t stop eating it while making this video, so they had to subtitle it! But he doesn’t just go to the supermarket and buy ready-made peanut butter, ooh no, he makes it himself and improves upon it. In this quick and easy tutorial, he dishes out good advice on how to make it taste better, and even add things like chile oil or chocolate to make it stand out. So what are you waiting for? Start buttering up today!

How to make flowers from buttercream

Debbie Blumire from Cake Craft World has an extraordinary tutorial for all of us who like to make our desert look gorgeous. Here she demonstrates how easy it is to make rose decor on cupcakes, but the technique could easily be altered to look like other flowers. And you don’t need to use cupcakes,  you could put these flowers on any desert, such as cakes, cookies, pancakes and more. It might take a bit of practice at first, but the result is so beautiful, it is definitively worth it!