Reverse painted glass art

Follow along as Tiffany Windsor from Cool2Craft shares techniques for reverse painting on glass. With this technique you could spruce up your home with a painting that shows the wallpaper showing through, redesign your glass table or add that special decoration to your windows. Perhaps you could even use some translucent paint and simulate stained glass art? Only your fantasy sets the limit.

The culinary value of weeds

In this very enlightening video, professional forager and author Tama Matsuoka Wong from Meadows and more guides SciFri through a culinary exploration of one of New Jersey´s meadows. She explains how usually ignored native plants and normally hated weeds has high value as food ingredients. If you want your preconceptions about nasty weeds to be blown out of the water, or you just want to find new ways of experimenting with herbs and spices, you should really watch this eye-opening video!

How to make your own stamp

In this video from Kin Community we get to see just how easy it is to make your own personalized stamp. Special carving tools are used in this demonstration, but you should be able to do this with a pair of scissors and a sharp knife or x-acto knife. Also, the material does not have to be a rubber carving block, many soft material can be used like styrofoam, leather, kitchen sponges and even a raw potato cut in half can be an excellent temporary stamp substrate. So why buying expensive pre-designed stamps, or spend even more money on having a special stamp made for you when it is this easy to make your own? Save some money and let your imagination flow!

How to make REAL grilled cheese sandwiches

Alton Brown does not like the usual grilled cheese sandwiches. The bread is grilled, sure, but not the cheese! Here he kindly teaches us the TRUE meaning of the words “Grilled Cheese Sandwich”. Now listen carefully, he will not tell you again!

How to scribe, cut and fold metal sheets

In this video, Will from follows Adam Savage ( Mythbusters ) as he make a new quick access holder for his multi-tool. We like Adam, because even though he makes really specific things, he takes the time to teach general tips and tricks as he goes along. This video is just such a tutorial, and even if you do not want a multi-tool holder, watching this will teach you a lot about the process of scribing, cutting and folding metal sheets. In this case  the metal is aluminium, but the techniques he demonstrates here is the same for any metal sheet, except for the use of a chisel as a metal bending tool. Not mentioned in this video is how to remove the layout fluid after the piece is done, but almost any solvent will do, even nail polish remover. Adam will also, unwittingly, teach you the value of thinking things through before taking actions 🙂