How to weld plastic sheets together super easy!

In a previously added video (Inflatable Bag Monsters!) you can see that ordinary plastic bags and garbage bags can be used to make balloon like art that moves around, but how can you weld all those pieces of plastics together? Well its extremely simple, as this video from ThreadBanger (Man Vs. Pin) shows. Here, plastic tarp is used to make a big water mattress like object, but the basic process of welding can be used for almost any soft plastic sheets and many different purposes. And best of all, if you use old shopping/garbage bags, you’ll get to recycle in the most gratifying way possible!

The super crappy way of peeling potatoes

Do you consider yourself to be an open-minded person? Open-minded enough to entertain the idea of peeling potatoes with a toilet brush? It might sound like toilet humor, but the fact is that the stiff bristles of a toilet-brush is perfect for peeling potatoes in a jiffy! Whats that, you don’t believe us? Then just watch this video from CrazyRussianHacker and be amazed! One warning though: please use an unused toilet brush, or the result will taste like shit. (Pun intended)

P.S. You’re never to old for toilet humor!

Transparent wood?

Wood is a solid. Dense and opaque like steel right? WRONG! In this video from Rikki Berger you will get a whole new appreciation of the beauty of wood. Not only is it not opaque, it is gradiently transparent and the fibers of the wood turns into a natural form of art, when its thin enough. If you have any interest in woodworking whatsoever, you need to watch this clip! Why do we keep painting over this natural beauty anyway?

Peeling garlic, the easy way

If you are anything like us, you love the taste of garlic. But is the taste worth the time it takes to peel all those cloves? How many times have you resorted to the dried garlic spice jar simply because you felt you didn’t have the time or patience enough to peel fresh cloves? Well there is good news! Peeling garlic can be extremely easy if you just know the trick. Just take two metal bowls, put the cloves between them as shown in this video from SAVEUR, shake them roughly for ten seconds and you’re done! Now you can add fresh garlic in your food without feeling stressed!


What is carbon fiber?

“Carbon fiber”. Which two words can cause a true maker to have wetter dreams then “Carbon fiber”? Its tougher than steel yet supple and looks gorgeous! But what is it exactly? In this clip we get a rare close-up of what the fibers really look like under the microscope. So just lean back, relax, and take a trip into the inner workings of the great, the only, carbon fiber!