Smoked filled sugar balls!

When deciding on how to present a dish, cooks usually think in the terms of solids or liquids. But that leaves a big part of reality: Vapors! Molecular Gastronomy has a think-outside-the-box mentality that no one can beat, and in this video they demonstrate how you can make sugar balls that releases smoke when cracked! The process of making a sugar ball is in it self a very interesting process, but whether you use isomalt or sugar, the real wow factor is the smoke that comes out. Just be sure to serve it fast though, because the smoke settles down very quickly!

The deep secrets of materials

What do you think of when we say the word “Crystallography”? Some form of hippie healing? Or maybe small decorations? Well, crystallography is none of that, but instead an accepted and extremely valuable science! Whenever scientist want to know how a material is ordered at a molecular level, crystallography is the go-to-guy. Even though most materials doesn’t look like crystals, they have a crystalline structure at the atomic level, and it has an enormous effect on the properties of the material. Steel has such a crystalline structure and it is the source of its strength. Even complex molecules like DNA can be crystallized in order to find out more about how it works. In this video, The Royal Institution walks us through the history of crystallography and explains how it is used to understand materials better. A must see for any material nerd like us 🙂

How to paint with masking fluid

We all know about masking tape, but do you know what masking fluid is? Well Jessica Joaquin is here to show us what it is, and we have to say, this is an extraordinary handy material. Imagine masking a complex curved line on paper or on an object with masking tape. The only way to do it is to tear the tape down to itty bitty pieces and carefully puzzle them around the curves. A very slow and tedious work! But what if you could apply the masking tape with a simple painting brush? Much easier right?

Just watch this and save yourself a lot of tedious work in future projects! Also, bookmark the Lunapic site mentioned in this video, it is a great free tool to use for simple image and photo manipulations. You don’t even have to install any program!


Futuristic decorations with fiber optics

Have you ever seen walls or ceilings with little tiny light spots on them, like stars in the sky, and though “I wish I could make that…”? Well you can! kipkay made this simple video in which he created this starry effect by using simple LED lights and fiber optic cable. In this case he made a frame for his computer monitor, but this technique is so general that you can apply it on almost everything. So why not make a cosmic picture, wall or even a ceiling? It’s simple, it’s cheap and most important of all, its gorgeous!

Peel kiwis, mangoes and avocados super easy!

Here’s a handy-dandy tip from DaveHax on how to peel fruits with an ordinary drinking glass. In this video he peels kiwis, mangoes and avocados, but we bet you could find even more fruits to peel with this technique! Just watch and learn….