Community is closing

Crafters Univeristy LogoIt is with great sadness that we have to inform you all that we will disable our community. The blog site Crafters University will still be active, and we will continue to find, collect, categorize and describe great DIY video tutorials on the web, but the membership area will be no more. The reason for this is simple: Too many “#%”#¤ updates! In order to have a professional looking community, we need to have a lot of different plugins installed, and it is a maintenance nightmare to keep them all updated and make sure that they all play nice with each other. We simply do not have the manpower and resources necessary to keep up such a complicated system.

There is also a philosophical issue to this decision. Since there are so many professional and successful communities on the web, like FacebooktumblrTwitterYouTubeGoogle+Pinterest and so on, we have to ask ourselves…are we actually helping people by making our own community? It would be silly to think that we could achieve the same level of reliability, functionality and usability as these billion dollar companies, so why should we have our own community? Just to feel special? That doesn’t help anyone but ourselves, and the whole idea of this site is to help others, not ourselves! So even at an ethical level, we find that closing down our membership area is the right thing to do.

But it isn’t all bad, you will still be able to comment on all our blogs, and we have also set up a Google group forum where you can ask DIY questions, help others or just chit-chat about anything crafting related. It is not official yet, but since you all have followed our blog for a long time, we feel that you deserve something special! So just for you loyal followers, we’ll open up our unofficial forum space so you can try it out before anyone else can! There are no links to this forum space on our website yet, so you have to manually copy and paste this web-address into your web browser to reach the forum:

You are welcome to join and talk with other Crafters University followers, we only ask that you do not reveal the existence of this forum space to anyone else before we have a chance to work out the bugs and officially announce it.

The Crafters University membership area will be closing down on October 15, and the days following you might see some bugs, irregularities and down-time while we reconfigure the site. If you see something broken or odd, we would love to hear from you, so we can nip any problems in the bud. Also, if you have uploaded photos/pictures or any other valuable information to your profile, please retrieve it before October 15. After this date, your profile will be gone, and everything connected with it as well.

Life is full of changes, some good, some bad. However, we believe that the best path to happiness is to try to find opportunities in adversity, and we see a new horizons ahead. At the moment this may seem like a sad development, but in the long run it will release us from a lot of tedious work and allow us to focus on the very thing we are passionate about: Finding grade A DIY video tutorials! And who knows, when all of this change is over, we might even have the time to create something really unique…something we can let everybody download for free, build and design for themselves…something practical but still beautiful…something the world has never seen before…Something worth waiting for….

By the way, we recommend that you subscribe to our YouTube channel 😉

Upgrade your band saw!

If you own a band saw, you might consider upgrading it with urethane tires. It will reduce noise and the saw will run smoother, which in turn will result in smoother cuts. Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer made this tutorial video that demonstrates how to install it and it’s not hard at all. So do your self a favor and upgrade your band saw with some urethane!

Dust pan = makeshift water-spout?

This is a super quick video from with a very handy trick. Have you ever wanted to fill a bucket with water, but not be able to fit it underneath the tap? Would you believe you can fix it with an ordinary dust pan? Just watch this and be amazed how simple some solutions can be!

Make fruit juice spaghetti decorations!

Want a new way of adorning your dishes with edible decorations? Then why not curl some colorful fruit juice spaghetti on it? MOLECULE-R Flavors knows how to do this and demonstrates it beautifully in this excellent video. Who knew that a syringe, some tubing and Agar-agar (a gelatinous substance obtained from algae) could result in such pretty things?

Make your own plastic parts!

Norm and Frank Ippolito from Tested has made this interesting and highly useful tutorial on the subject of resin casting. If you have ever wanted a duplicate of something for cheap, you should definitely watch this video! Or why not make two copies…or ten…or a thousand? You wont find any simpler and cheaper way to mass-produce your own objects at home!