How to crochet Granny Squares!

This is a special treat! CROCHET GEEK has taken it upon themselves to make a huge library totally dedicated the different ways of making “Granny Squares”! In this video you find a list of 33 different ways of crocheting these beautiful squares, hours of educational pleasure! Just click on the list in the video, it’s just like a DVD menu! This is exactly what Crafters University is looking for: A broad perspective on a narrow field. And if you think “So what, they are just squares” you are missing the point. The squares themselves are not the end of the story, because with these squares you can make larger items like afghan blankets, purses, scarfs, clothes and much much more!

We send out our great appreciation for this excellent library of crochet videos and hope that this is just the beginning of many more such extensive crocheting libraries from CROCHET GEEK!


The smart way to buy at an auction

Most of us can’t afford to buy brand new machinery, especially not industrial type machines that goes for several thousands of dollars. That’s when machine and tool auctions comes handy! They are the perfect places to buy used equipment in good condition, but how you act and bid can have a big impact on your wallet. Here’s NYC CNC to explain how you can adjust your bidding strategy, attitude and behavior at an auction in order to save a lot of dough!

Origami tape!

We bet you already know what origami is. It is the art of making objects by folding paper. Usually origami paper is squared, but happypuppytruffles is here to introduce a whole new form of origami papers to you: The origami tape! No, it is not a sticky tape like Scotch tape, it is just a small stripe of plain origami paper. We hear you thinking ( So if it’s just normal origami paper, what good is it?). Well that is exactly what happypuppytruffles are here to demonstrate, so just sit back and enjoy the show!

How to draw butterflies simply

When it comes to drawing, the most difficult shapes are the ones with a lot of curves in them. Animals typically have a lot of curves, which makes them extraordinarily hard to draw, but there is one animal that is an exception: The butterfly. In this simple tutorial, Sea Lemon show us how simple it is to make realistic drawings of butterflies which can be used for decorations and much more!

Giving robots that soft touch

For a human, putting a USB cable into the USB port might seem like a simple task. Sure, you might have to try again by turning the cable 180 degrees, but in a short amount of time, you will succeed. But with a robot, it is not so simple. We humans have an eye-hand coordination that is the result of millions of year of evolution, and now we expect the very same dexterity of recently invented machinery? It is a tall order to fill, no doubt! But thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there is the beginning of such a sensitive mechanical dexterity, and it is all about Gel!