Know your fish!

If you like fish, you really need to watch this video from Gordon Ramsay. It’s not enough to know how to cook a fish, if the fish is of poor quality, nothing can save the taste. But if you know how to spot a perfect fish and avoid the ordinary and bad ones at your local fish monger, your cuisine will taste glorious! Here, fish Guru Roger Barton gives us several great tips on how to tell the best from the rest. Enjoy!

Yogurt balls!

Reverse Spherification is a brand new way of presenting foods, and it is rapidly spreading around all the top-notch restaurants the world over. But as this video from MOLECULE-R Flavors shows, it is not difficult to make at all! In this video they turn yogurt into small balls that looks awesome, but there’s a lot of other things you can do with this technique. So stop thinking inside the box and start thinking inside the sphere!

Crochet for beginners!

Have you seen crocheted clothes, blankets and arts and thought “I wish I could do that…but it will never happen…”? Lets face it, without someone to teach you, it might seem like an impossible task to learn it, and even though you can find books about it, simple text and pictures doesn’t make it easy to understand the hand motions. Well thanx to the YouTube crochet giant CROCHET GEEK there is now a big list of easy to follow beginners videos that clearly shows exactly how to move that hook! This is a video list and it works just like a DVD menu. Just click on the text in the video and you will be swift away to a great video on how to learn that thing! No more excuses, just start yarnbending!

Handy Mascot gifts!

In order to thank the very talented DIY video creators online, i made extra Handy Mascot kits and sent them out as gifts. The very first people i sent them to was the people behind Tested, and they made this mailbag video about it! I am really happy that they liked it, and hope the others will like their Handy Mascot kit just as much 🙂

If you don’t already know, the Handy Mascot isn’t just cute, it also work as portable hooks since the hand can grip strings and edges, and then the feet can be used as hooks for your coat, tool or whatever. Check out this short video and see for yourself!

If you want to make your own Handy Mascot, you can do so by reading this blog post:

How to make your own handy mascot!


Ten ways of putting taste in that steak!

Did you use to love steaks but have started to find them “ordinary”? Or perhaps you love steaks but have never gotten the hang of seasoning them? Well look no further, because foodbeastTV have made this fast paced list of ten great ways to season your steak! So put that taste in your steak, put that spice into your life and make that meat taste ooh so sweet! And if you find this tutorial to be a bit to fast paced, remember that you can always watch YouTube videos in slow motion! To see how, just watch Slowing down those tutorials. Also, check the tags below for a list of all the spices mentioned in this video 😉