The simplest bread in the world!

In today’s society, where we are spoiled with things like pre-sliced bread, it’s easy to forget how bread was made in the really old times. A thousand years back, people still ate bread, but it was nothing like our modern kind. It was made from only wheat and water, and cooked on a hot rock. But it still tasted pretty darn good! If you want to know what our distant ancestors made and tasted, then you should really watch this video from Food Wishes. In this tutorial you will learn how to make the most basic of bread, made of only wheat and water! Ooh yeah, he also add some corn meal to it, but that isn’t necessary….

How to sand smooth curves easy

In order to get a good finish on any material, you usually need to sand it down. But who among us can claim that they actually enjoy sanding? It’s tedious, boring and utterly monotonous. So wouldn’t you like to know how to make the sanding process quicker and easier? Sure you would, and Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer is here to show you how. Straight edges are usually no problem, just take a sanding block and go at it! But when there are slight curves, a sanding block becomes more or less useless. So watch this video and learn how you can make an alternative tool to the sanding block that works for curves as well!

Turn parmesan into…spaghetti?

If you ever want to wow youre friends at your next dinner, you need to think outside the box. This is easier said then done however, so sometime you need help. MOLECULE-R Flavors are here to give you exactly that help and in this video, they will show you how to present parmesan in a completely new way. Parmesan taste good, no doubt, but it’s powder or shaving are so common. Try presenting it like a spaghetti strand instead! This video will show you exactly how to do this head turning feat!

How to glue paper without wrinkles

Have you ever experienced the problems with wrinkles when you have glued two or more sheets of paper together? Want to know how to avoid it? Then just watch this video from Sea Lemon and learn! It turns out that moisture is the problem, but if you know what materials to use, you can make this problem go away. So if you do any craft with paper and glue, do yourself a favor and watch this video!