About us

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Crafters University collects, categorizes and describes on-line videos that can make you better at crafting physical objects. Everything from how to handle tools, choosing the right materials, assembling parts and even planning for any future mass production of your object!

Crafters University is the brain child of Daniel Magnusson, a Swedish inventor, prototype builder and designer. The idea for this community came to Daniel while he was working as a volunteer for Sweden’s largest local inventor society, GUF, as a website admin, prototype manufacturer and advisor in 2013. He noticed that several members could benefit from watching the many educational videos existing on the net related to crafting. A short demonstration of this on a members only meeting was met by great response and convinced Daniel to build this site. Several months later, at New Years Eve, the site was officially opened.

Crafters University is still a very young website and we are always looking for new ways to spread the word of our existence. If you would like to give us a hand in this effort, it´s as simple as using the “Share” button below each video post, or link to the main page of this site, CraftersU.com. We are very grateful for all the help we get from our visitors like yourself.

It is our hope that this site will not only help those of you who are already interested in crafts and innovations, but also inspire other people to start building things. We wish that everyone would experience how much fun it is to create, and the sweat pride that comes from knowing that “I built this myself!”. But there are even bigger issues. Today’s wasteful “Throw-away” consumerism is not sustainable, and we believe that the world needs to get back to a “Do It Yourself” attitude, were things will get reused, repaired and redesigned. We aim to be a part of this change, and hope that you will join us in this effort. Lets change the world for the better!