How to clean your superglue tips

Some people use cyanoacrylate (Superglue) all the time, and never have to battle with clogged tips since the glue doesn’t get a chance to harden. Most of us however, only use Cyanoacrylate now and then and have been annoyed by this problem on more then one occasion. The classic solutions are poking a needle into the tip, cutting of a piece of the tip and ruin the flow of the glue or even throw it away and by a new one. But there is a better solution and it is so cheap and easy! Just watch this quick walk through from FreddysFrets and you’ll be at the store buying acetone in no time! 🙂

Welding with friction

Most of us have a general idea of what it takes to weld two pieces of metals together. This general idea usually incorporates an electric current or flame to heat up and melt the metal. But there is another method that is especially suited for welding round parts together, called “Inertia welding” or “Friction welding”. The basic idea is to rub the parts together so fast that friction heat it up to its melting point. In this video from Doug W a specialized machine for inertia welding is used, but any metal lathe with enough torque should do as well. Just make sure you punch the break when the melted metal is squeezed out, in order to get the strongest weld.


How to weld plastic sheets together super easy!

In a previously added video (Inflatable Bag Monsters!) you can see that ordinary plastic bags and garbage bags can be used to make balloon like art that moves around, but how can you weld all those pieces of plastics together? Well its extremely simple, as this video from ThreadBanger (Man Vs. Pin) shows. Here, plastic tarp is used to make a big water mattress like object, but the basic process of welding can be used for almost any soft plastic sheets and many different purposes. And best of all, if you use old shopping/garbage bags, you’ll get to recycle in the most gratifying way possible!