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In this episode Ben explains the ins and outs of CNC milling using only a Shapeoko and a laptop. Areas of focus include an overview of the parts, creating design files, execution and other CNC tips.

Free and easy milling software

Small consumer milling machines are becoming more and more popular these days, and it can be a huge benefit to have your own CNC mill at home, not to mention that they are much cheaper than laser cutters. But how do you control the machine? Most consumer CNC mills are 2.5D mills, that is, they are mainly used to cut things out of sheets. If that is the kind of mill you have or are interested in, good news! has a simple program that you can use to turn a black and white image into CNC programming for your mill! You don’t even have to install any program, since it works directly in your web browser. In this video, I Like To Make Stuff gives us a walk through how it works and what to keep in mind when milling out pieces at home. Just watch and enjoy!

The trouble with stainless steel machining

The difference of malleability between metal alloys can be quit big. Some cuts like butter, others are so stubborn they almost seem to have a mind of their own. One of the more difficult alloys to machine is stainless steel, but even here the problem is more or less pronounced depending of what kind of stainless you choose. If you plan to mill any stainless steel material, you should definitely watch this video by NYC CNC where the choice of stainless alloy, speed, feed and many other factors are carefully explained to help you mill corrosive resistant parts in no time. And if you really want to see how bad it can get, forward the video to 11 minutes and 30 seconds, and you will see a horrible little firework!

14 great machine shop tips!

Being an experienced machine shop user means learning all those small tricks and techniques that makes the work so much easier and faster. But what if you don’t want to wait several years to find them out by trial and error? Well then you should watch this video where NYC CNC shares 14 great and simple tips on how to make your machine shop life a lot more pleasurable!

Making pancake art…with a robot?!

Why make a robot that makes pancakes? At first, this idea might seem like a joke but watch this and be amazed of the artistic possibilities that opens up when computers and pancake batter combine. At Maker Faire 2014, Miguel Valenzuela walks us through the different stages of his PancakeBot development. From being a very silly and over-elaborated batter squirt gun that made Mickey Mouse shapes, to an articulated and artistic creator of art. Any 2D drawing can be converted into a pancake with this stroke of “out of the box” genius thinking!