The trouble with stainless steel machining

The difference of malleability between metal alloys can be quit big. Some cuts like butter, others are so stubborn they almost seem to have a mind of their own. One of the more difficult alloys to machine is stainless steel, but even here the problem is more or less pronounced depending of what kind of stainless you choose. If you plan to mill any stainless steel material, you should definitely watch this video by NYC CNC where the choice of stainless alloy, speed, feed and many other factors are carefully explained to help you mill corrosive resistant parts in no time. And if you really want to see how bad it can get, forward the video to 11 minutes and 30 seconds, and you will see a horrible little firework!

How to scribe, cut and fold metal sheets

In this video, Will from follows Adam Savage ( Mythbusters ) as he make a new quick access holder for his multi-tool. We like Adam, because even though he makes really specific things, he takes the time to teach general tips and tricks as he goes along. This video is just such a tutorial, and even if you do not want a multi-tool holder, watching this will teach you a lot about the process of scribing, cutting and folding metal sheets. In this case  the metal is aluminium, but the techniques he demonstrates here is the same for any metal sheet, except for the use of a chisel as a metal bending tool. Not mentioned in this video is how to remove the layout fluid after the piece is done, but almost any solvent will do, even nail polish remover. Adam will also, unwittingly, teach you the value of thinking things through before taking actions 🙂

How shape memory alloys moves when heated

“Smart materials” such as memory metals are really fascinating, and their full potential is far from known. In this video, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science at Yale Dr. Ainissa Ramirez shows us how memory metals change phase and shapes with heat, and why this is so useful for robotics such as the Mars Rover and even in medicine. A must watch for anyone interested in making robots or health related inventions.

This is one of many interesting videos in a series called “Material Marvels” that you can watch on Yale University’s YouTube channel.

How to give anything that metal look

While making their wooden swords look like they were made from metals, Adam Savage doesn’t just demonstrates to Norm from how aluminium tape can give any object that nice metallic look, he also show us how it can be buffed with steel wool to make it look “brushed”. We also get to see how plumbers epoxy work, and how to cut neat leather laces with minimum work, using a leather lace cutter. Finally, Adam reveals what drill bit is his favorite and why.