How does Velcro work?

Hook and loop fasteners is a brilliant invention by a swiss engineer (George de Mestral) who noticed how some plants has hooks on them that attached to fur and clothing. Using this idea, he made what we all know today as “Velcro”. But Velcro is just one brand of hook and loop fastener, there are many different types out there, even metallic ones! In this video from Design Squad Nation, the mechanics of hook and loop fasteners is explained in a very simple and easy to understand way. Just watch and enjoy!

What is a universal motor?

There are so many different electric motors available on the market, it is hard to know what to choose. If you only have one power source, it’s easier since it is either AC or DC current. But what if a motor has to deal with different power sources and you don’t know in advance if they will be DC or AC? That’s where the universal motor comes in handy! In this video lesson from Learn Engineering you will get a complete understanding of what a universal motor is and how it works!

How a Brushless DC motor works

If you are planning to use an DC motor in your project, consider using a brushless one. In this video, Learn Engineering beautifully demonstrates not only how they work, but all the benefits they have, such as low weight compared to the power output, long life and high reliability. A brushless motor might be the perfect match for your project so just sit back, watch and learn!

How a DC motor works

We all uses DC motors in one way or another. Even if you’re not building a machine that have DC motors, you still engage them when you use a machine to brush your teeth, shave your hair or get a buzzing sound from your mobile phone. But do you know how they work? Just check this video from Learn Engineering and see if you actually know all the detailed science that goes into making a modern DC motor.