Make your own specialized candles!

Normal candles are nice, but their shape are so boring. Sure, there are specialty candles in many different shapes, but what if you could take any personal item and clone it into a candle? It would be totally unique, and maybe even a perfect gift for that special someone! Well believe it or not, it’s actually quite easy to make your own candle mold, as shown in this tutorial from Mist8k. So gather up your boring standard candles, melt them down and make a truly unique candle from them! The best thing is, if you fail the first time, you can just melt the wax down and try again!

If wax is not the material you want to make your pieces out of, then check out the other videos about casting on our site: How to cast.

How to make a two-part silicone mould

Whenever you have made a really great thing, the idea of duplicating it comes automatically to mind. But the first one of anything takes a lot of time to make and you probably don’t want to make that effort for every following copy. So it makes sense to make a mould of it to make the copying easier. But if the shape of the object doesn’t allow for a one part mould, you need to make the mould in different parts. In this video from Tested, Frank Ippolito shows us just how easy it is to make a two-part silicone mould when you know how to do it. Do you want to know how to do it? Then just watch this brilliant video!



Make your own plastic parts!

Norm and Frank Ippolito from Tested has made this interesting and highly useful tutorial on the subject of resin casting. If you have ever wanted a duplicate of something for cheap, you should definitely watch this video! Or why not make two copies…or ten…or a thousand? You wont find any simpler and cheaper way to mass-produce your own objects at home!

Casting metal objects…on the beach?

Casting metal parts is difficult, needs special sand, crucible, furnace and tools right? Wrong! Unless you absolutely positively need your object to be of professional quality, you may be able to go to your nearest sand beach and make it there! With the simplest tools and resources, Chaîne de coursdedesign made this amazing clip of how to make a simple metal stool. But this solution doesn’t end with stools, most object that doesn’t need a two part mould can be done in this way. The metal in this video is pewter, but we see no reason why metals with higher melting points, like aluminium, couldn’t be used. And best of all, if you use old worn out tools and pots, the only cost is fuel and metal! So gather your friends and have yourself a beach/casting party!