What is Repoussé?

Have you ever noticed those amazing metal ornaments on hollywood movie armour? Where the metal has been formed into a 3D pattern, often with beautiful curves and patterns? This is what is called “repoussé”, and it’s much easier to make then you might think. With modern materials like rubber or craft foam, you can make your own repoussé art with extremely cheap and simple tools. Just watch this video from David Guyton, grab a thin sheet of brass and start making amazing art! In this tutorial an ornament is made for armour, but this technique can just as well be used to make ornaments for furniture, steam punk designs or even wall art!

Start a fire with….a hammer?

Even though we definitively don’t want to encourage smoking, we found this short video from nyblacksmith to have such a high educational value that we couldn’t resist adding it to our collection. By hammering a cold piece of steel over and over in rapid succession, the friction energy from the hammer heats up the piece so much, it can lit a cigarette. This is an excellent demonstration of how hot things can get from friction, and therefore how important it is to avoid friction in mechanical devices. But again, we do not want anyone to smoke! This video may be very clever, but smoking is really stupid.