3D printed magnets! #DIY #CraftersU

You have probably heard about 3D printing, maybe even about 3D printed electrical circuits, but did you know that even magnets can be printed now? The 3D printing technology is definitely taking over the world!

3D printing glass or carbon fibers!

This may very well be the next revolution in 3D printing, being able to embed glass fiber or even carbon fiber into parts to get super strong prints!

How to smooth your 3D print super easy!

3D printing is definitely a modern-day revolution, but it has its draw backs. One of these are the ridges your 3D printed models will have, due to the fact that printing is done by layers. We recommend printing with PLA, since it is so extremely environmentally friendly, but we can’t deny that other plastics like ABS have some benefits. Apart from being more flexible, ABS also melts when exposed to acetone (nail polish remover). This might seem like a bad thing, but in a controlled environment, this chemical reaction can be used to automatically smooth out those ridges and make your 3D print look like they were made in an injection mold! So how do you create such a controlled environment? Just watch this video from Make: and start smoothing your ABS prints with such simple/cheap resources as paper towels, acetone and a plastic container!

The pros and cons of hobby 3D printing

You might have heard a lot of hype about the new 3D printing revolution, but wondered if it´s actually as perfect as everybody claims. While it is an absolutely revolutionary new way of manufacturing, it´s not perfect and some limitations do exists. In this video from Tested.com, Will and Norm gives us a truthful and objective list of pros and cons of a typical hobbyist 3D printer. Even though this video is from 2013 and only cover the MakeBot series of printers, the fundamentals are the same for all modern 3D printers that uses plastic filaments, so-called FDM (fused deposition modeling). We know a lot about these printers ourselves, and can vouch for the expert opinions in this video. So whether you are just curious about 3D printing, or already have bought your own printer, this walk-through is definitely worth a watch!