The seriousness of shop safety #DIY #CraftersU

If you think safety in the workshop has become overestimated, you really need to watch this testimonial!

Great fire-safety tips for woodworkers

Wood is an extraordinarily good material, strong but easy to shape, cheap and easy to grow, and of course, environmentally friendly. In short, wood really gives steel a run for its money! But it has one weakness, it can burn. So whenever you work with wood, you need to think about potential fire hazards. Here to help you become a safer woodworker is FineWoodworking who gives out several golden tips about keeping the firetrucks away from your shop! We strongly suggest anyone who uses wood to watch this video!

Adam Savage on shop safety

In this webcast, Adam Savage share his experience, mistakes and views on shop safety in depth with us and Norm from We get to hear what machines truly terrifies him, and which don’t, how many stitches he has in his hands, and several gruesome stories of how he have gotten heart in the past. Last but not least, he shares his personal list of rules on what not to do around tools. This video should be viewed by anyone that isn’t afraid of tool-shop machines and tools.