How to turn pressure into vacuum!

If you ever need to create a vacuum but can’t find a vacuum pump, there’s a neat trick you can use in order to turn an air compressor into a vacuum pump, using only cheap and easy materials. As this video from GREENPOWERSCIENCE, this technique can also be used in order to spray liquids even if it contains particle that would be to big for any normal sprayers nozzle. GREENPOWERSCIENCE Used this very technique to turn styrofoam into spiderweb and you can watch how here: Recycle your styrofoam!

The fascinating science of paper airplanes

Become the expert of paper airplanes! World record holder John Collins, ThePaperAirplaneGuy, is THE master of paper airplanes. Approaching the subject like a scientist, John has found out the deep secrets of what makes different paper airplanes work in their specific ways. Watching this video is not just an excellent way to learn how to make your own flying paper objects, but also a chance to see how such a seemingly simple thing as a paper airplane has tremendous depth, physics, and science attached to it. Whether you want to learn how to fold different paper flying objects or study scientific inquiries, this video is definitely for you!