Make your own snow crystals!

Snowflakes may not be a functional thing, but they are definitely beautiful. But instead of trying to catch them out in the wild, why not grow them yourself? In this video from SciFri, Ken Libbrecht, Caltech physicist and author of “The Secret Life of a Snowflake” tells us exactly how you can do this for only a couple of bucks! Now that’s some cool science! (Pun intended)

The simple beauty of the “Bubble pump”

If you are building a machine of some sort, chances are it needs a pump. Pumps are very common parts in machines and comes in so many different types, its hard to know which type to choose. The most reliable pumps are those that have no or very few moving parts, and in this video the engineerguy demonstrates the beautiful simplicity of just such a pump, the “Bubble pump”. With only one moving part (a one-way valve) it is extremely reliable, cheap and easy to build! So the next time you need to move fluids around, consider building a “Bubble pump”.

The simplest pump in the world!

How many machines can you think of that pumps liquids around in one way or another? Cooling liquid, heating liquids, fuel, solvents, chemicals, the need for pumps are enormous. But why does all pumps have moving parts? In the same place that the RepRap 3D printer was born (University of Bath UniOfBathAV) studies has shown that you can quite easily make surfaces that moves liquids around by heat, without a single moving part! It’s called the “Leidenfrost effect” and works almost like a little steam engine. Watch this and be amazed over how the droplets seem to wiz around as by magic!