Hand powered chainsaw?

This is a short but sweet tip from CrazyRussianHacker. When you are out in the field, you can’t always trust powered tools. Lets face it, the most reliable tools are the ones you power with your own hands, like a hammer for instance. Also, motorized tools tends to be heavy, take up a lot of space and needs a lot of maintenance. So if you could have a hand saw that fits in your pocket, but still cuts wood just as fast as any big saw, wouldn’t you like to have that in your toolbox, trunk or purse? Well the pocket chainsaw is just such a tool, and if you ever do DIY outside your house, you should definitely watch this video!

The best way of using a chisel

Some common hand tools can seem so simple to use, but with the right technique, they can become a masters first choice. Chisels are very simple at first look and most of us thinks “Everyone knows how to use a chisel!”. But there are some simple tricks that even you might not have heard about, that can make your work simpler, quicker, and result in an extraordinary professional look! These are the kinds of tricks and techniques that FineWoodworking are aware of and in this clip you can take part of these gold nuggets of knowledge!

What is a swivel knife?

A swivel knife looks basically as a miniature crutch with a sharp edge at the end. It is an old leathercraft tool that many still use today. While using your index finger to apply pressure, your thumb and middle finger can swivel the knife edge smoothly in order to cut beautiful swirly patterns into leather and other soft materials. Bruce Cheaney is one of the many leatherworkers that cherish this old tool, and in this video he gives us a brief demonstration on how it can be used. Just watch and enjoy!

How to sharpen forstner bits

A forstner bit is an excellent woodworking drill bit that clears out a lot of materials quickly and leaves a hole with an flat bottom. That makes it not only time efficient, but also useful for any inserted part that needs flat bottom, like round inlays. Many people love the fortsner bit (Adam Savage from Mythbusters is an outspoken fan of them), but they have one drawback. Because of the complex shape of the cutting edges, most people throw them away when they become dull, thinking they can’t sharpen it like they would a normal drill bit. This is not true, and here John Heisz  demonstrates how easy and cheap you can sharpen your forstner bit with simple hand tools! These bits can cost a lot of money, so why not save a pretty penny by sharpening that dull bit instead of wasting it?

How to straighten bent saw blades

This is a short but sweet video from John Heisz that deals with a very common tool problem: Many saw blades are thin, delicate and prone to bend out of shape at the most inconvenient of times. Maybe you don’t have any spare blades, or you simply don’t want to waste tools for no reason, in either case there is a beautifully simple way to straighten them out. And all you need is a hammer and a piece of wood! Just watch this video and thank us later.