14 great photography tricks!

Okay, you are done. You have worked your butt off for several weeks, maybe even months, but your project is finally complete, and it is AWESOME! You wish to show it to the world and what better way than to take pictures or record a video about it? But why not add some really cool camera tricks to the view, some eye candy if you will? You can make gorgeous looking pictures/videos with very simple tools and materials. COOPH has made these extremely awesome tutorials that can help anyone to make super cool recording effects! And if the only camera you have is in a mobile phone, you can still make some great pictures, as demonstrated in their video below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make some eye candy. Your viewers will enjoy your project even more!

Make a dead pen alive super easy!

We have all been there, lending a pen, trying to write, and no ink emerges. We try rubbing it violently against other paper, even paper towels, and if we are lucky, it works. But sometimes it just wont write! What if there was a way to reinvigorate a pen, for cheap and super simple, that works every time? To good to be true? Just watch this super video from CrazyRussianHacker and be amazed how easy and reliable it can be done with a simple lighter!

Divide any edge super quick and easy!

The scenario returns again and again, you need to divide something in a number of equally long parts. So you measure the total length, pull out your calculator, punch in the numbers and then starts measuring and marking the cutting point one by one, right?  Yeah, we have all been there, but we have done it the stupid way. In this video from Jo Nakashima, a paper is folded into 5 equally thin folds super easy by simply lining up the edge of the paper with the lines on a college ruled paper. By placing the edge at an angle, you can decide how many times you want to divide it, and if you don’t want a fold but a cut, you can simply mark the cuts with a pencil instead. This also work beautifully when you want to mark out where to drill, route, paint and much much more! This super simple trick will save you tons of time in the long run, so do yourself a favor and watch this quick tutorial.

14 great machine shop tips!

Being an experienced machine shop user means learning all those small tricks and techniques that makes the work so much easier and faster. But what if you don’t want to wait several years to find them out by trial and error? Well then you should watch this video where NYC CNC shares 14 great and simple tips on how to make your machine shop life a lot more pleasurable!

Slowing down those tutorials

Video DIY tutorials are great, they can explain methods so much clearer than simple images or text. But they aren’t always perfect. Here at Crafters University, we only collect the most informational and educational DIY videos on the web, but even those can at times be too fast paced for a beginner. In some instances, it may feel like the information is pouring over you like a waterfall, and you just cant keep up. That’s when YouTubes slow motion feature come in handy. Just watch this video from Phrase and learn how to slow down those fast pace moments, making it easier for you to learn! In this particular video a drum set is used, but this trick works for all YouTube videos, especially DIY tutorials.