SocietiesWhile its easy to give instruction on how to build things, it’s harder to give advice about patents, design protection, branding, business plans and so forth. Furthermore, the fact that each country in the world has slightly different laws and systems makes it an impossibly big task for Crafters University to provide such information. Instead, Crafters University recommend that you seek societies close to your location, which can help you avoid all the pitfalls and hidden traps that lie ahead. In the side menu on this site you can find links to sites that lists local societies that you can get in contact with, or you can view the entire list here.

This list is very small so far, but we hope that visitors like yourself will tell us about more links in the future. If you find websites that lists local societies related to building stuff, please contact and let us add them to this list. A lot of people would benefit from your help.

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