Outfitting the Kitchen

This is a very interesting talk by Adam Savage from Mythbusters and Will and Norm from Tested about what they consider to be the most important tools of the kitchen. While this subject is highly subjective, and opinion will differ widely depending on whom you ask, this trio has great arguments for why their opinion is what it is. Whether you agree with them or not, this talk should give you several new viewpoints about cooking utensils and strategies. Enjoy!

Make any liquid into spheres

Do you think cooking is the same today as a couple of decades ago? Just new combinations of the same old ingredients? Then you haven’t studied the frontier of modernistic cuisine! There are many new scientific approaches to cooking now a days, and one of them is called “Reverse Spherification”. By using sodium alginate ( which come from seaweeds ) and calcium lactate gluconate ( salt of calcium ) you can make any liquids into spheres that will burst open with flavors in your mouth. How about yuzu spheres, carbonated mojito spheres, pear elderflower spheres, spherical yogurt, spherical mozzarella, or even spherical olives, only your fantasy sets the limits. So watch this video tutorial from Molecular Gastronomy and take your first step into high tech cooking!