What is cryogenic manufacturing?

Have you ever wanted o make something out of rubber? Not just a smooth ball, but something complex? Sure, 3D printers can print soft objects today, but they are very limited. Wouldn’t it be great if you could take any rubber material and just mill or lathe it? Well…you can! You might have seen scientific demonstrations of how hard and brittle things can get when deeply frozen? Leave it up to our scientific favorite Applied Science to test it out and see how it might work. You might even be able to make your own specially designed rubber parts with nothing more then an mill and some dry ice!


From computer to carbon fiber

In these three videos (part 2 and 3 below) you will get an in-depth and detailed lesson in how to make a complete carbon fiber part from a computer model. All the steps from making an exact prototype from computer printouts, strategies on mould splits and how making the final part are in these videos. All the while, using professional tricks and techniques. This without having to use a 3D printer! Anyone interested in making a carbon fiber part of their idea, should definitely watch this! However, if the amount of time and energy it takes to follow these instructions seems too much, check if you could use pre-made carbon fiber products for your build instead. You can find an excellent video about them here.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Adam Savage on the value of organization

We’ve all been there, you know you have that vital part somewhere, but can’t find it. Annoying isn’t it? To save yourself time and avoid frustration, you should really consider investing in some type of sorting system. In this video, Adam Savage from Mythbusters demonstrates his huge system of sorting boxes and drill dispensers to Will from Tested.com. These boxes are quite expensive, but extremely practical and durable, as Adam testifies.