Make a polymer clay copy with a mold!

Lets face it, polymer clay is a great sculpting material, but no clay model will be better than the artist making them. It takes a lot of experience and a steady hand to make clay models that looks identical to other object, right? Well there is another more simple way of cloning an object in polymer clay form and NerdECrafter knows all about it. In this video, she shares her wisdom on this matter, and its super simple to learn. Enjoy!

The easy way to shred a cabbage

Are you like us, peeling of a leaf of cabbage at a time and shredding them individually? Well, then you are just as stupid as we are, because there is a much quicker way! SAVEUR Magazine shows us dummies how it’s supposed to be done!

Outfitting the Kitchen

This is a very interesting talk by Adam Savage from Mythbusters and Will and Norm from Tested about what they consider to be the most important tools of the kitchen. While this subject is highly subjective, and opinion will differ widely depending on whom you ask, this trio has great arguments for why their opinion is what it is. Whether you agree with them or not, this talk should give you several new viewpoints about cooking utensils and strategies. Enjoy!

Making Pancakes 101

DaveHax has done it again and created an excellent video for us who are beginners in the kitchen. This tutorial is perfect for anyone who has never or rarely made pancakes. It’s easy to understand and how about the last one with chocolate spread on it and ice cream on the side? Yummy! We also get to see the technique of flipping a pancake in the air! So head to the kitchen and practice some impressive pancake acrobatics!

How to peel a hard-boiled egg super easy

In this tutorial, David J Alvarez from Food Network’s Show “Chef Hunter” demonstrates how easy peeling an egg really is. Many times, knowing the simplest technique or trick, can make your life a lot easier and turn tedious chores into fun activities. This is such a technique. Who would imagine what a difference it could make to store your hard-boiled eggs in a bowl of water?