How to sew many layers of leather together

Leather is a great crafting material. It is so tough, it can withstand years of wear and tear without looking bad or failing. But this toughness can become a problem when many layers of leather needs to be sewn together. If you want all edges to be folded in for a neat look, and connected to other pieces of leather, you can find your self trying to push a needle through 8 layers of leather at once, or even more! This is very hard to do, unless you already have a hole through them all. This is what you can do with a awl haft, and Bruce Cheaney has made this tutorial video on how this is done. In this particular video he is making a saddle, but this technique can be used for any thick leather parts. Even if you only want to make a purse, this will be an extremely handy technique to know and use!

Transparent wood?

Wood is a solid. Dense and opaque like steel right? WRONG! In this video from Rikki Berger you will get a whole new appreciation of the beauty of wood. Not only is it not opaque, it is gradiently transparent and the fibers of the wood turns into a natural form of art, when its thin enough. If you have any interest in woodworking whatsoever, you need to watch this clip! Why do we keep painting over this natural beauty anyway?

How to scribe, cut and fold metal sheets

In this video, Will from follows Adam Savage ( Mythbusters ) as he make a new quick access holder for his multi-tool. We like Adam, because even though he makes really specific things, he takes the time to teach general tips and tricks as he goes along. This video is just such a tutorial, and even if you do not want a multi-tool holder, watching this will teach you a lot about the process of scribing, cutting and folding metal sheets. In this case  the metal is aluminium, but the techniques he demonstrates here is the same for any metal sheet, except for the use of a chisel as a metal bending tool. Not mentioned in this video is how to remove the layout fluid after the piece is done, but almost any solvent will do, even nail polish remover. Adam will also, unwittingly, teach you the value of thinking things through before taking actions 🙂

What is a Caliper?

In this short video, Will from shows us what a caliper is and how it is used. A caliper is much more accurate than most other measuring devices, and as Will says in this clip, cheap enough these days for anyone to afford their own. If you wonder what the sharp pegs on the top side of the caliper is for, it’s for measuring inside holes and other voids.