Chop an onion BETTER than the pro’s

When professional chefs chops onion, they have a special trick. They first cut the onion in half and then…well, you can just watch this video to see the process: Chopping onions like a pro. But at a radio interview with an unorthodox chef (Marco Pierre White) a new technique was demonstrated which you can see in this video  from Today FM. This trick results in such a finely chopped onion that it actually melts away in your frying pan, leaving nothing but that nice onion taste behind. And best of all, it’s so easy that even a normal amateur cook can use it!

Peel kiwis, mangoes and avocados super easy!

Here’s a handy-dandy tip from DaveHax on how to peel fruits with an ordinary drinking glass. In this video he peels kiwis, mangoes and avocados, but we bet you could find even more fruits to peel with this technique! Just watch and learn….