The worlds simplest magnetic train!

It’s easy to solve problems simply by adding parts, but to make something “go” with the minimum of parts, that takes a genius! If you don’t believe us, just think of the simple paper clip. The technology to make a paper clip has been around for thousands of years. Still, the paper clip was not invented until the 1890’s! The art of simplifying is a huge challenge, and that’s why we love videos like these. Here AmazingScience 君 shows just how simply you can make something move by just using a battery, a couple of magnets and copper wire. This is something everyone can try, and it’s simplicity is absolutely genius. Just sit back and enjoy!

The simplest electric motor in the world!

Electric motors come in many size and types, but the homopolar motor is without a doubt the simplest motor in the world. While the efficiency and torque is lower compared to ordinary motors, the ease of construction and small size makes it a very interesting build and a possible perfect fit for small-scale mechanics. All you need is a battery, neodymium magnet and copper wire, that’s it! In this video from Nicole Zavi a normal double A battery is used, but there is not reason why a button cell can’t be used instead and result in a motor that only measure a couple of millimeters in width and height. This video is the best we have found so far, since it not only shows many variations of wire design and how to use it for a practical purpose, but also the importance of adjusting the tightness of the wire and balancing it on the battery. To make it easier to balance it, we recommend making a small dimple on the top of the battery with any metal tool, like a screwdriver. We believe that this type of motor has more potential then it has gotten credit for in the past, and we would love to see how you use this in your project, so be sure to send us your homopolar pictures or videos!