Grilling your steak directly on the coal?

Are you placing your meet on a cooking grate when you grill it? Then you are missing out! Alton Brown knows the benefits of grilling directly on top of the coals, and he shares this insight in this mouth-watering video. Not only that, he also explains why the skirt a steak is his favorite and how to properly handle it. So the next time you light up that grill, make the food taste extra flavorful with this unusual trick!

The easy way to shred a cabbage

Are you like us, peeling of a leaf of cabbage at a time and shredding them individually? Well, then you are just as stupid as we are, because there is a much quicker way! SAVEUR Magazine shows us dummies how it’s supposed to be done!

Chopping onions like a pro

Have you ever watched a cooking show where the chef chops an onion in a few seconds flat and wished that you could learn to do the same? Well now you can because Gordon Ramsay has made this short and simple tutorial that shows that it’s really that hard. So take this opportunity to learn how to speed your onion work up and stop crying!

Flip food in a frying pan like a pro!

Ever watched a cook flip pancakes, meatballs or any other foods in the frying pan like it was the easiest thing in the world and wondered “How the h*ll do they do that!?” Well Food Wishes are here to teach you how to flip food in a pan like a pro! As with so many other tricks, it all comes down to knowing the right technique, and in this case, the technique is so simple. Just watch this tutorial and start practicing. And if the idea of showing of to your friends/dates is not motivating enough, you also get an excellent excuse to buy and eat cheese balls! A win-win situation if you ask us!

Outfitting the Kitchen

This is a very interesting talk by Adam Savage from Mythbusters and Will and Norm from Tested about what they consider to be the most important tools of the kitchen. While this subject is highly subjective, and opinion will differ widely depending on whom you ask, this trio has great arguments for why their opinion is what it is. Whether you agree with them or not, this talk should give you several new viewpoints about cooking utensils and strategies. Enjoy!