How to peel a hard-boiled egg super easy

In this tutorial, David J Alvarez from Food Network’s Show “Chef Hunter” demonstrates how easy peeling an egg really is. Many times, knowing the simplest technique or trick, can make your life a lot easier and turn tedious chores into fun activities. This is such a technique. Who would imagine what a difference it could make to store your hard-boiled eggs in a bowl of water?

How to alter the shape of a hard boiled egg

Dave Hax demonstrates how an egg can be molded into a different shape than oval, in this case a heart. This video is really interesting for anyone who enjoys making food look good. Who knew that boiled eggs where so malleable? In this case it takes the shape of a heart, but it shouldn’t be a problem making other shapes. Why not try to make triangle-, square- or even star-shaped eggs? Perhaps it is even possible to make one that looks like a bowl, and can hold some topping, such as caviar or mayo? The possibilities are endless!

Different ways of cooking an omelette

Adam Savage from Mythbusters show Will from how he usually cook omelettes, and Traci Des Jardins ( demonstrates two ways restaurants make them in this very interesting and educational video.