How to make the Simplest Train #DIY #CraftersU #Magnetism

It’s the world’s simplest electric train! Why not make it with children to enjoy science?

Rubberlike conductive 3D printer filament!

At the 3D EXPO in Halmstad Sweden, I saw a fantastic new smart material for 3D printers and I just had to interview the inventor behind it, Thomas Palm. Unfortunately, the only camera I had with me was my mobile phone camera, so please excuse the poor image and sound quality. Still, it is an awesome new material that you simply have to see!

To learn more about 3D printing rubber, visit his site:

If you wish to buy this filament, you can do so at the Creative Tools website:

To download all the 3D models and more, visit Thingiverse:

Thomas Palm’s company is called Palmiga Innovation and you can find the website here:

Follow him on Instagram and twitter:

Crafters University has changed!

cropped-8.jpgTime changes, and so do we. Our community area is now history and it was a necessary sacrifice to let us focus on what we do best: Finding and collecting the very best DIY videos on the net! And that’s not all, we have also started a new forum for all of you who seeks help with your project. It is brand new, so take the opportunity to be the very first to make your footprint in it!

We have also created a new unique mascot! No, it is not just another simple toy, it is actually an invention in itself. Her name is Barrii, and she is very handy! Her hands hook to almost any string or horizontal edge, and the feet turns into hooks that you can use for your coat, tools or whatever! Did we mention that she also have a magnet that sticks to refrigerators and metal pegboards? And she is a wobble head too! We have even released the 3D model and specification on the hardware for free so you can make one for your own and design it in whatever way you want. So what are you waiting for, go on and get your very own personalized handy mascot!

In the future, we will not only collect the best DIY videos on the web, but also make some of our own. Very soon, we will publish a video about a completely new “Smart material”, a soft 3D printer filament that actually conducts electricity! Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it!

That’s the news for today, and as always, stay handy!

The beginning of the terminator

Today Michael Dickey have very interesting news for us. Do you remember the second terminator movie? Where the bad robot could turn into a liquid and back to a solid again, by will? Yeah, we all thought that could never happen, but researchers at NC State has actually been able to electrically guide metal liquid with electricity! Sure, it´s not nearly as sophisticated as in the second terminator movie, but it might be the beginning of the future….Everybody kneel down and say “Hail Skynet!”