Voltera: Desktop Circuit Board Fabrication #DIY #CraftersU #Electronics

Alroy of Voltera talks about their dual-layer circuit board printer.

A neat way of handling thin solder wires #DIY #CraftersU

A very smart hack that can make your soldering experience so much easier. All it takes is a mechanical pencil.

The benefit of bismuth low-temp solder paste #DIY #CraftersU

Do you think you could solder an entire PCB with only solder paste and a halogen bulb? No? Then you should watch this!

How to use solder paste #DIY #CraftersU

Still using normal solder? We strongly suggest that you start using solder paste. It’s so much easier and faster, as you can witness in this tutorial. And if you want to see how the solder paste almost magically separates, check out the video below this one!