Smoked filled sugar balls!

When deciding on how to present a dish, cooks usually think in the terms of solids or liquids. But that leaves a big part of reality: Vapors! Molecular Gastronomy has a think-outside-the-box mentality that no one can beat, and in this video they demonstrate how you can make sugar balls that releases smoke when cracked! The process of making a sugar ball is in it self a very interesting process, but whether you use isomalt or sugar, the real wow factor is the smoke that comes out. Just be sure to serve it fast though, because the smoke settles down very quickly!

The astonishing result of blow forming

Making big plastic shells can be extremely expensive when using vacuum forming or other forms of manufacturing techniques. But if the shell you want is of a simple bubble type form, you may want to consider blow forming. In this video from Gary Lavarack, you can learn just how easy it can be to make your own polycarbonate shells by blow forming them. The result is a perfect finish without any defects, and an added bonus is that if you apply your paint on the inside, the transparent layer of plastics would look gorgeous, like a deep layer of professional clear-coat! Just take a look at the finished blow formed car body in the video below from MAKE.