How to Scale a Fish #DIY #CraftersU #Cooking

David Seigal, executive chef at The Lobster Place and Cull & Pistol, shows us how to scale a whole fish—with minimal mess.

3D printing for good and evil

Any technology can be used for good as well as evil. A hammer can be used to kill a person, or build a home for one. This same duality goes for the emergent 3D printing technologies, and the full potential of this revolution has not yet been realized. In this video from 16×9, the different sides of the 3D printing revolution is investigated and both constructive and destructive uses are covered. The power of this technology is tremendous, which could make it a dangerous tool if it is used by bad people. What is your opinion and thoughts on this subject?

The science of cooking

An excellent lecture series from Harvard University about the scientific side of cooking.

Harvard University’s own description:

“This public lecture series discusses concepts from the physical sciences that underpin both everyday cooking and haute cuisine. Each lecture features a world-class chef who visited and presented their remarkable culinary designs:

Ferran Adria presented spherification; Jose Andres discussed both the basic components of food and gelation; Joan Roca demonstrated sous vide; Enric Rovira showed his chocolate delicacies; Wylie Dufresne presented inventions
with transglutaminase.

The lectures then use these culinary creations as inspiration to delve into understanding how and why cooking techniques and recipes work, focusing on the physical transformations of foods and material properties.”


Food and Science | Lecture 1 (2012)


Food and Science | Lecture 2 (2012)


How Phase Changes Cause: Deliciousness | Lecture 3 (2012)


Explorations of Chocolate Textures | Lecture 4 (2012)


Working with Modern Thickeners | Lecture 5 (2012)


The Science of Paella | Lecture 6 (2012)


Gelation & Heat Transfer | Lecture 7 (2012)


Water, water everywhere: A Study in Texture | Lecture 8 (2012)


Bakistry: The Science of Sweets | Lecture 9 (2012)


The Science of Good Cooking | Lecture 10 (2012)


Modernist Cuisine at Home | Lecture 11 (2012)


Microbes, Misos, and Olives | Lecture 12 (2012)


Even more lectures!

All these and lectures from earlier semesters can be found here Harvard University YouTube channel