Ten ways of putting taste in that steak!

Did you use to love steaks but have started to find them “ordinary”? Or perhaps you love steaks but have never gotten the hang of seasoning them? Well look no further, because foodbeastTV have made this fast paced list of ten great ways to season your steak! So put that taste in your steak, put that spice into your life and make that meat taste ooh so sweet! And if you find this tutorial to be a bit to fast paced, remember that you can always watch YouTube videos in slow motion! To see how, just watch Slowing down those tutorials. Also, check the tags below for a list of all the spices mentioned in this video 😉

Turning garlic into foam?

Do you love the taste of garlic, but have tired of the texture and look of the cloves? Or perhaps you simply want to do something special to wow your guests? Then you should give garlic foam a chance! As MOLECULE-R Flavors show in this video, it is very simple, and can definitely make a difference in your food presentation! So just try it out and your dinner will be the talk of the town!

Peeling garlic, the easy way

If you are anything like us, you love the taste of garlic. But is the taste worth the time it takes to peel all those cloves? How many times have you resorted to the dried garlic spice jar simply because you felt you didn’t have the time or patience enough to peel fresh cloves? Well there is good news! Peeling garlic can be extremely easy if you just know the trick. Just take two metal bowls, put the cloves between them as shown in this video from SAVEUR, shake them roughly for ten seconds and you’re done! Now you can add fresh garlic in your food without feeling stressed!