How to make bent wood objects

We have all seen wood objects with rounded shapes, that’s nothing new. But when the grain of the wood shows that this piece was not just sawed into shaped but bent into shape, it starts turning heads. Bending wood? Surely something as hard as wood can’t possibly be bent can it? Ooh yes it can, and it’s not that hard to do either! Steve Ramsey knows exactly how it’s done, and he made this video to demonstrate it. In this case he makes a holder for a razor, but you could make almost anything out of your bent wood like coat hangers, bracelets, decorations and even large things like furniture. So watch this and let your imagination run wild!

The benefit of glue rollers

Are you still applying glue with blocks of wood or brushes? Sure, it works, but a much easier way to apply glue is to use a roller. Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer has a lot of gluing experience and shares their glue-roller insight with us all in this video.