The relative strengths of different wood joints #DIY #CraftersU

If you are unsure of which type of wood joint to use, they watch this interesting test of their different strengths and weaknesses.

The art of bookbinding

Books are great in many ways, but the modern mass produced printed books lacks that special…something. They can’t compete with the beauty of a hand made leather-bound book. But they aren’t as difficult to make as you might think. Just watch this video from Kraftsman Sheng and see for yourself! And even if you don’t have the machines necessary to print your own book, consider using a mass produced one, rip the covers off and make your own leather-bound book from it! You can even make the cover ornamented by simply watching this video: How to stamp and decorate your leather

Make parts with…a hot glue gun??

Did you think a hot glue gun was only for assembling objects together? Ooh my, what little you know. A hot glue gun can be used for so much more, like making a textured surface or even making parts! Basically, with a steady hand and some patience, you could even use a hot glue gun as a manual 3D printer! Sounds like bovine feces? Well if you don’t believe us, just watch this video from SonicDadDotCom and believe your eyes. In this particular tutorial, the texture and nails for a werewolf glove is made, but that is just the beginning. Just grab your trusty hot glue gun and start practicing. Before you know it you’ll be making gears, wheels, ornaments and much more!