Make your own branding iron!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could mark stuff with your name, slogan or logo in a way that wouldn’t wear of? You need a branding iron! But instead of ordering really expensive ones, you should consider making your own. As this tutorial from John Heisz shows, it isn’t tricky at all. With just an old metal wrench as material and simple tools like drills, files, a hacksaw and an angle grinder, John Heisz makes his own branding iron with the name of his website “I build” with excellent results! Just watch and learn how you could make your own permanent stamp. And if you need help doing the pattern transfer, check out our How to transfer inkjet prints to wood post, it works on almost any surfaces.

Making carbon fiber parts for cheap

This is an absolutely excellent tutorial on how to make carbon fiber pieces for cheap! Did you think making carbon fiber parts was messy, expensive and complicated? Well, unless you’re doing some curved shapes, you’re wrong! For most applications, there are pre-made carbon fiber products, such as carbon fiber planes, carbon fiber profiles, even carbon fiber parts that you can buy for a couple of bucks and change yourself with ordinary cheap tools. If you have a hacksaw, you can cut carbon fiber products! Just make sure you follow the safety advice in this video because even though carbon fiber products aren’t toxic, it can cause you a lot of irritations if you do not use proper safety.