How to make latex zombie flesh

“Nurnies” are thin layers of latex rubber, rubbed to produce stringy flexible structures. These are very handy in zombie special effects and can be used for skin damage, ripping flesh, gore and much more. In this video  HELLRAISER’s makeup effects creator, Gary J. Tunnicliffe from Stan Winston School shows us how easy it is to make and apply them.

Making a realistic wound

Will and Norm from visits the artist Frank Ippolito, a contestant on the show Face Off, to get a lesson in how to make a realistic wound makeup. This tutorial also specifies the exact products he is using, where to get them, and roughly what they cost. The wound is an easy way to try your hand at special effects, but don’t try to do it on yourself in the mirror, or you’ll go crazy!

The usefulness of mattress foam and aluminium wires

When Adam Savage heard that Patton Oswalt was looking for a Doctor Octopus costume, he got a brilliant idea of how it could be done easily and cheaply, as he explains to Norm from in this clip. But this is not the reason we wanted to add this video, instead we would like to point out that this technique is much more useful. You could basically do any kind of poseable light weight life form with only foam, armature wire and paint. Want to make a life-sized alien for the Halloween party? No problem, just create a rough skeleton out of the wires, glue some foam on it and spray pant it to likeness!