How to make soft serve ice cream at home #DIY #CraftersU #Cooking

Chris Young, co-founder of ChefSteps and co-author of Modernist Cuisine, shows us a hack for making soft serve ice cream at home with dry ice.

How to Make Ice Cream #DIY #CraftersU #Cooking

Tracy Obolsky, pastry chef of North End Grill, shows us how to make a basic ice cream base and flavor it with everything from chocolate to coffee to mint.

How to make Chocolate bowls

#craftersu #diy #Chocolate

This is a very interesting video from the Japanese YouTube channel Hey! It’s Mosogourmet! In this speechless video, you can learn how to make neat bowls out of chocolate and fill them with any other foods, like ice cream. We wouldn’t recommend hot food items though, since it would probably melt the bowl. In any case, this can be a very appreciated way of presenting your food at a party, so we strongly recommend anyone who like to entertain to watch this video. Unfortunately it does not contain the necessary information about how to melt and temper chocolate, so we added another video from  the unrelated YouTube channel Howdini where the world-renowned chocolate maker Jacques Torres shows us how to melt and temper chocolate. In the video below he shows us both the simple microwave solution, and the professional techniques, so you can choose what level of seriousness you want to apply to your presentation.

The science of ice cream

In this video from Yale University’s YouTube series “Science Xplained“, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez explains how freezing works, and how to make the best ice cream by using liquid nitrogen. If you don’t have access to liquid nitrogen, she also talks about how you can use a mixture of salt and ice to cool down the ice cream mixture to lower temperatures. We also learn why ice cream doesn’t taste as good if it has melted and then been frozen again, and why avalanches happens.