How to make your own stamp

In this video from Kin Community we get to see just how easy it is to make your own personalized stamp. Special carving tools are used in this demonstration, but you should be able to do this with a pair of scissors and a sharp knife or x-acto knife. Also, the material does not have to be a rubber carving block, many soft material can be used like styrofoam, leather, kitchen sponges and even a raw potato cut in half can be an excellent temporary stamp substrate. So why buying expensive pre-designed stamps, or spend even more money on having a special stamp made for you when it is this easy to make your own? Save some money and let your imagination flow!

Wax resist techniques 101

Whenever you paint a surface with a color, it can seem to be “too” perfect. The same color everywhere might be nice in some occasions, like on a concert piano, but a subtle pattern to the paint usually make the object so much more artistic and beautiful. Here Becky James shows Katy Godbeer from docrafts how to create such a subtle pattern with the “Wax Resist” technique. Sounds technical? Don’t worry, it simply means using waxed paper! It is as simple as just crumpling up the waxed paper and ironing it on, or as advanced as buying embossing tools and create designed pattern. You choose the level of difficulty, but no matter which you choose, your design will look so much better than just a plain coat of paint. This is a perfect example of “Less is more”.