Water transfers with nail polish!

This is a special treat! Usually the process of water transfers cost a lot of money to set up. You need big containers, special paints or patterned sheets and even fixing sprays. But there is a super cheap alternative! All you need is a cup of room temperature water, a toothpick and some nail polish! Jessica Joaquin made this video that demonstrates just how easy it is. In this particular video she colors keys, but this technique can be used for any object. And if its to large to fit in i cup, just use a bowl, the sink or even your bathtub! It’s cheap, simple and the result is absolutely beautiful!

The versatility of decorative tape

While this video from TheSorryGirls isn’t a tutorial video strictly speaking, it still demonstrates the versatility of decorative tapes. In this video, the focus is on the japanese “Washi” tapes, but there are many other decorative tapes around, and they are truly the decorators best friend. It comes in so many colors and patterns, and can spruce up almost any object. And it doesn’t hurt that this (music) video by Danny Hamilton is very funny as well! This is strongly recommended viewing for all crafters!