How a DC motor works

We all uses DC motors in one way or another. Even if you’re not building a machine that have DC motors, you still engage them when you use a machine to brush your teeth, shave your hair or get a buzzing sound from your mobile phone. But do you know how they work? Just check this video from Learn Engineering and see if you actually know all the detailed science that goes into making a modern DC motor.

How “Hall effect” sensors work

Burglar alarm has them. Car fuel level detectors have them. Even DC current transformers have them. What are we talking about? Hall effect sensors! Whats that, you’ve never heard of them? Well they are a part of your life and all over the place. If you need the electronics in your project to know the position of some mechanical part, odds are that you need to use the Hall effect! But how does it work? Thanx to our favorite science journalist Brady Haran and one of his many channels, Sixty Symbols, we get our answer! In this video, Professor Roger Bowley from The University of Nottingham walk us through the inner working of a hall effect sensor. Named after its discoverer, Edwin Hall, the hall effect has become a very useful phenomenon in modern society, and anyone that build electronics should definitely watch this video!