How to make the Simplest Train #DIY #CraftersU #Magnetism

It’s the world’s simplest electric train! Why not make¬†it with children to enjoy science?

How to view magnetic fields #DIY #CraftersU

Ever used magnets in a project, and had to fiddle around with it until it worked? Then you should have used a magnetic viewing film, so you could see the problem directly.

How to create magnet propulsion #DIY #CraftersU

This is probably the easiest magnetic propulsion system in existence, and so easy to build!

3D printed magnets! #DIY #CraftersU

You have probably heard about 3D printing, maybe even about 3D printed electrical circuits, but did you know that even magnets can be printed now? The 3D printing technology is definitely taking over the world!

What is a magnetometer? #DIY #CraftersU

With a magnetometer you can detect the existence and location of a magnet several inches away, perfect for so many robotic projects. You can even use it as a non-contact joystick as demonstrated it the video below this one: