The art of bookbinding

Books are great in many ways, but the modern mass produced printed books lacks that special…something. They can’t compete with the beauty of a hand made leather-bound book. But they aren’t as difficult to make as you might think. Just watch this video from Kraftsman Sheng and see for yourself! And even if you don’t have the machines necessary to print your own book, consider using a mass produced one, rip the covers off and make your own leather-bound book from it! You can even make the cover ornamented by simply watching this video: How to stamp and decorate your leather

How to stamp and decorate your leather

Have you ever seen beautifully ornamented leather objects such as saddles, high-end purses or belts and thought “I wish I could do that…”. Well thanx to Bruce Cheaney here is a simple beginners tutorial on how a pattern can be cutted and stamped into leather. In this video, a tool called a “Swivel knife” is also used, and if you don’t know what that is, we have collected the demonstration for you here: What is a swivel knife?

The best way of using a chisel

Some common hand tools can seem so simple to use, but with the right technique, they can become a masters first choice. Chisels are very simple at first look and most of us thinks “Everyone knows how to use a chisel!”. But there are some simple tricks that even you might not have heard about, that can make your work simpler, quicker, and result in an extraordinary professional look! These are the kinds of tricks and techniques that FineWoodworking are aware of and in this clip you can take part of these gold nuggets of knowledge!

Joining pieces without glue or screws!

It’s only natural. Whenever we want to put two things together, we reach for the glue. And there’s nothing wrong about that! But wouldn’t it feel much sweeter and special if you could assemble an object, simply by pressing it into each other like Lego? Most material can do this, if they are shaped properly, and wood is exceptionally good at doing this. ThisWoodwork made this mirror by fitting pieces of wood together. Sure, he used glue for the ornament, but the main construct doesn’t need it. It just fit into each other like they were ment to be together! If the tolerances are good, you don’t need any glue. And if the tolerances are bad, chances are you can fix it with a file or a piece of masking tape!

Fixing woodworking mistakes

Mistakes will happen. You might think you are bad at woodworking because you make mistakes now and then, but the truth is, even the experts makes mistakes! The only difference between an amateur woodworker and a professional one is knowing how to repair those mistakes. There are many tricks and techniques that you can use to fix such mistakes and Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer made this extraordinarily educational video just to teach you how to do it. And the best part is: It’s not going to cost you more than a tube of Superglue!